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(2017-08-28, 16:31)Thormmy Wrote: With Android TV does the MECOOL M8S Pro+ support automatic refreshrate changes and correctly sync 24p sources as 23.976hz?
No, that does not work at all with Android Krypton Kodi. But of course if you dual boot to LibreELEC Kodi Krypton everything works.

For AMLogic devices - only the MINIX U9 and WeTek Hub / Play2 with their unofficial Android TV ROM's have Android Kodi Krypton dynamic refresh switching working properly for smooth 24p video playback.

(2017-08-28, 16:13)marck120 Wrote: ... so with the skin Estuary, from the menu can I run the dual boot without needing to remove the SD card from the box ? (Both with 905 and 905x CPU)
Yes, Estuary Skin only on regular LibreELEC S905(x) boxes. Choose any other LibreELEC Krypton Skin and you will loose the Dual boot option and have to remove SD card to boot to internal Android.

(2017-08-28, 16:05)rapart Wrote: Hi dear friends! wrxtasy i want to buy a new tv box for kodi use mostly at about 70 usd! i focus most to mi box.i see some other boxes like h96 pro plus,beelink gt1 ultimate but i find xiaomi the best choice.i want smooth kodi movies series hd audio.thats the most important!

None of those boxes are going to give you Kodi dynamic refresh switching for smooth video playback.
However the Mi Box has the best Wireless remote for Android TV and does HD audio.

It's why i keep recommending the DIY (ethernet only) 2GB/16GB MECOOL M8S Pro + because it is:
a) cheap
b) can dual boot for some Android TV action with 1080p Netflix, HBO etc 4K Youtube as well.
c) works well with LibreELEC Kodi Krypton for smooth video playback with HD Audio and..
d) with the money you save with the MECOOL you can then buy a really nice MINIX A2 lite, Plug and Play - Wireless remote and end up with a really decent Kodi media player.

** Having said all that for Android Kodi Krypton boxes that do not have working dynamic refresh rate switching this can be setup and it works reasonably well if you do not have any other Kodi option's like superior LibreELEC to use:

"Sync playback to Display" - with cheap Android Hardware.

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