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Joined this thread at page 105 and read up to the latest. I am a well-seasoned KODI user (since original XBOX) - had various Android boxes over the years and past 3 years have been running a NUC (i3 Haswell) and OpenELEC / LibreELEC .  Just bought a 4K HDR TV and the NUC is fine for everything H.264 but no good for H.265 HEVC stuff so looking for replacement.

All my media is on a Windows 2016 Server (SMB & NFS Shares + MySQL KODI DB) so good networking (be it AC Wifi or Gig LAN - Some of the 4K stuff I have can peak at over 120mb/s so needs to handle this)
I have an Asus RT-AC88U router so WiFi is as good as it gets.

- UI (KODI / OSMC) must be buttery smooth - my NUC is perfect so MUST be as good.
- Must support H.265 including 10bit HEVC 
- 3D not required.
- HDR is not mega important - but support would be a bonus.
- Dolby / DTS / DTS-HD / Dobly EX Pass-through required - set up is BOX > YAMAHA YSP-2700 > SONY TV
- Not too fussed about Netflix / Amazon Video - can do this through the TV.
- Youtube 4K would be nice - but again not mega important as TV can handle this.
- TV Tuner support not necessary as run separate TVHeadend with DVB-S2 tuners (so as long as it can run TVHeadend client in KODI) - That said, support for USB DVB-T/T2 Tuner may also be a bonus so I can utilise the aerial.
- Easy(ish) to configure - not tech shy but tbh I cba with too much faffing nowadays!
- Budget not an issue - but don't want to spend more than £300 (cost of new i3 NUC, SSD + RAM) - The less the better as long as it fulfils my requirements!

Options from reading the last 40 odd pages...
1.) New NUC Kaby Lake (NUC7i3BNK)
2.) Vero 4k
3.) MINIX U1
4.) MINIX U9-H

I was kind of set with the new NUC, but if I can save a few quid with an alternative then great!

What do you guys reckon? Have I missed anything? Which would be my best bet? Advantages / Disadvantages to each would be great?



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