START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Great stuff, thanks...

Want to avoid Windows ideally as need a 10 foot approach - don't want to boot into Windows, load kodi, deal with Update Tuesday, etc!

If I am reading right, you are basically saying bang for buck the Minix U9-H is the best option to fulfill HDR at the moment due to;
-ability to run LE from eMMC OR dual boot Android /Android TV ROM / LE
-Wifi (MIMO Dual Antennas)
-decent wireless remote included
-4K HDR capable

Is there a difference between MINIX U9 and U9-H?

And you would only go for the Vero 4K over the MINIX U9-H if you want and out-of-the-box solution? (I understand OSMC is installed to eMMC from factory?) The MINIX has better hardware (and just as much support) than the Vero 4k?

If I go down the MINIX U9 /U9H route -
- where best to source this from in the UK? ebay?
- if it where you, would you just nuke the android install, stick LE on eMMC and be done with it? or dual boot LE / Android TV ROM? (I assume the only thing I would gain is YouTube HDR with the Dual Boot option and Android TV?)
- the only thing that worries me is the lack of gig LAN due to some of the content I have is 100 - 160mb/s+ and don't want stuttering (hence why I askif Wifi is AC and MIMO then this should be better than 100mb LAN?)

Thanks again.


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