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(2017-10-19, 13:55)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2017-10-19, 13:35)sirfragalot Wrote: If I am reading right, you are basically saying bang for buck the Minix U9-H is the best option to fulfil HDR at the moment due to;
-ability to run LE from eMMC OR dual boot Android /Android TV ROM / LE
-Wifi (MIMO Dual Antennas)
-decent wireless remote included
-4K HDR capable
Yes, especially with its included Gigabit Ethernet, the Vero 4K comes with 100M only Ethernet and for the really high 4K Bitrates you mentioned is going to struggle until more development work is put into its networking performance.

Quote:Is there a difference between MINIX U9 and U9-H?
There is no U9 - we just get sick of tying U9-H Wink

Quote:And you would only go for the Vero 4K over the MINIX U9-H if you want and out-of-the-box solution? (I understand OSMC is installed to eMMC from factory?)
Yes out of the box, ready to go the Vero 4K is better than the U9. That is it's target market. Plug N Play with excellent after sales support.

Quote:The MINIX has better hardware (and just as much support) than the Vero 4k?
Yes - LibreELEC has massive support now for AMLogic devices. It's the biggest section by far of the entire LibreELEC forums.

LibreELEC on the U9 would get minor updates from @kszaq the LE developer once or twice a month at the moment. The S912 in the U9 is a bit quicker than the S905X in the Vero 4K. Not by much but it is noticeable.

Dual Band / MIMO - Dual Antennas / AC WiFi is going to be better than anything else, as I already listed before.
No idea about 4K HDR YouTube - I suspect it's exclusively Chromecast Ultra only hardware at the moment.

Basically with these DIY Dual boot AML / LE boxes you pick what suits. Run this, nuke that - whatever satisfies each individual.
At least you have flexibility and a choice if you can do some minor DIY Smile

I would purchase from hardware somewhere where you can return the device easily if any problems ever do happen to arise - like Amazon ?

Thank you, looks like I will gove the MINIX U9-H a whirl then. 

On Prime:
MINIX NEO U9-H + MINIX NEO A3, 2017 Android 6.0 Smart TV Box 4K HDR Mini PC 64-bit Octa-Core With Six-Axis Gyroscope Remote Fly Mouse Wireless Keyboard with Voice Input [2GB/16GB/4K/HDR/DTS].

Or with the simple remote:
MINIX NEO U9-H, 64-bit Octa-Core Media Hub for Android [2GB/16GB/4K/HDR/XBMC]. Sold Directly by MINIX Technology Limited.

Or ebay this one that comes with both remotes:

Look right to you? 

Also, a link to the best guide for flashing LE to eMMC would be awesome (I assume this is reverseable if I do want to go dual boot?) 


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