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So, had a play late last night once my media all added.

Unfortunately having to run off wireless for the time being, amd having a few issues with throughput. Cant get anything above 53Mbit/s (about 6MB/s) and its up and down like a fiddler's elbow. With that, the high(ish) bitrate 4K stuff (Planet Earth 2) stutters and stops after a few seconds.

So I increased the cache for all media in advancedsettings.xml to 250MB and fillrate to 30 which appears to have helped tremendously, but still get stutter where the buffer runs out after a few mins.

Checking network throughput while watching, it is still all over the shop. This is bizarre as my Sony XE90 (which is notorious for having crap wifi and ethernet) can manage a consistent 150Mb/s (16MB/s) over wifi.

This is running off an NFS share. SMB is much much worse.

Other than this I am impressed, the UI is slick and the rest of my media appears to be fine.

Any suggestions? Could this be driver related?

Also, whats the best cache size / fill rate for these Minix U9 boxes?

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