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The best picture output quality for Live / Recorded TV is going to be found on Intel i series hardware because you can use high quality CPU software upscalers like Lanczos3-optimised with something like YADIF2X CPU software deinterlacing. Intel will have the CPU ponies for that and then some.

Next best IMHO is the Apple TV 4K, because now with it's 6 core 2.39GHz CPU package it can do 1080i YADIF2X deinterlacing plus some video post processing for SD TV content.
Then following that, not very far behind at all would be the AMLogic S9xx devices running LibreELEC Kodi Krypton. They are well known for high quality Amlogic hardware deinterlacing when using Amcodec hardware video decoding.

As for using the Shield for deinterlaced TV viewing compared to the others, well you might want to read this post for a No bullshit comparison:

Android Kodi Krypton has broken deinterlacing and reliability problems with all Android platforms too. Android Leia has not even reached Alpha release status yet.

Dual boot AMLogic LE Kodi Krypton:

SD card inserted > boot straight into LibreELEC
From the LE Kodi Power menu > select - Reboot from Internal > reboots into internal stored eMMC Android / Android TV
In Android reboot device and you are back into LibreELEC.

Not very hard at all.

Dual boot LE / Android devices can have LE Kodi sped up when you copy the LE data partition to internal eMMC storage:

Works well. Smile

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