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(2018-12-12, 15:49)wrxtasy Wrote: Hi, Welcome to the forums Smile

4K HDR Netflix + lossy Atmos= FireTV Stick 4K + Ugreen USB3 > Gigabit Ethernet adapter hub/cable if needed or...
if you want that plus Frame Rate Matching for silky smooth 24p Netflix = Apple TV 4K

Some modern TV's even remove 24p judder....

Judder-Free 24p on TVs (click)

Plug N Play home Networked 4K HDR + lossless Atmos + NTFS = Vero 4K+ running OSMC Kodi
or buy a Ugreen USB3 > Gigabit adapter for your M8S Pro+ and then run either LibreELEC Krypton or CoreELEC Leia on it from a Samsung EVO microSDHC card.
The M8S Pro+ with LE/CE is more than capable of 4K HDR & Atmos Kodi, it can even dual boot.

Buy a MINIX A2 lite Wireless remote for LE/CE Kodi on the M8S Pro+ - it's mini keyboard comes in real handy for Kodi Keyboard shortcuts !

 Hello and thank you! 

Since M8S pro+ has an ethernet connection would there be any addition using a gigabit adapter? I wasn't aware that it is capable of 4k HDR + atmos passthrough (I will have the projector next week, I will try)! Which one would you recommend LibreELEC Krypton or CoreELEC Leia?

And for the netflix, I read that apple tv 4k doesn't have 24.0000 fps support based on this thread (23.976 is OK):

For the netflix, which will be used most of the time, I really liked the firetv stick 4k but it is not listed as atmos capable:

Interesting not to find an all-in-one solution....

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