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Do you guys have any opinion regarding the COOD-E TV 4K player?

Heres what they say on the homepage:
"Powered by the latest technology from AMLOGIC, the S912 Octa Core chipset gives the COOD-E TV 4K an astonishing performance. Enjoy super smooth playback of 4K Ultra HD videos at 60 frames with support for HDR 10 bit and listen to crystal clear HD Audio. 

The COOD-E TV 4K runs the latest version of Android 7 Nougat, which provides you with all your favorite applications from the app store right on TV. With its WIDEVINE Level 1 DRM security the COOD-E TV provides you YouTube 4K and Netflix 1080P. 

The COOD-E TV is developed in Europe and during production only premium materials and components are used. The hard and software are optimized for each other and the COOD-E TV 4K has a brand new user interface that lets you control the device in an easy and convenient way. 

Via the build in Gigabit LAN, AC Wireless and Bluetooth 4.0 you can stream all your favorite content from your local network, the internet and even from your tablet or phone right to your TV. The USB port and TF card slot makes it possible to connect an external HDD or plug in your micro SD card. "

Does this seem like a proper media player? Im after a box able to play 4K HDR (converted to 1080p SDR) over network with proper audio passthrough for all surround formats. I also use Netflix wich this box seem to support.

I first tried Xbox One S as a complete media centre but the lack of audio passthrough and automatic audio switching leaves it lacking. So to me it doesnt matter if Kodi is working or not since xbox doesnt allow passthorugh (ie no Atmos etc)
Very good for 4K bluray now since the latest update. Really good HDR to SDR conversion as far as I can tell. Plays 4K movies over network using the Xbox Film&TV app but there is no way of knowing if the sound is getting through OK. Also it lack support for many codecs.

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