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(2019-01-31, 02:23)wrxtasy Wrote: You are aware you flash a Samsung EVO microSDHC with CoreELEC and insert it and run that OS entirely from the SD card in a Dual Boot setup. The Android OS remains untouched on internal EMMC flash storage.


If you want the best Android Kodi the NVIDIA Shield is the device to buy. Best Firmware support vs any other android device on the market. 

Arg! the 'this site uses cookie' bar popped up, clicked ok and deleted what I was typing.  Confused

Anyways... Nvidia Shield is a flat no. $230CAD and likely more than I need. 99% of my library is 1080p under 5000kbps H265. I'll only have maybe a half dozen 10bit 4K movies... I won't be playing games or anything like that which I suspect is where the extra power (higher specs) comes into play on many of the pricier boxes.

So... Core/OpenElec runs off an SDCard? or 'can' run off the card? When trying to see how this process is reversed (not much online by the way) at the OpenElec site I was reading how someone couldn't because OpenElec when installed wiped out the hidden partition with the restore files on it. Plus, when I came across the boxes as an option, people said to wipe out Android and install Core/LibreElec... wipe out being the keyword there.

Basically this started when I was asking about required hardware for making a new media player because mine's old, large, loud and doesn't handle 10bit H265. Someone said get a cheap box and wipe it out and use OpenElec on that instead. Looked at $40CAD boxes... was told specs too low so went to $80CAD, told right specs but get a better brand, $110CAD, then told they're essentially crap and went up to $230CAD. By Monday I suspect Android boxes will all be garbage and the way to go is a miniPC and a $400 Minix Neo.  Rofl

I think for my usage, S912 3GB/32GB Octacore with gigabit lan will work. I am still a bit confused on a few specs, looking at that chart linked a few posts back for example, audio support, some will do DTS, some DTS and TrueHD, some Dolby.... is that a hardware or software limitation.... ?
Operating System: CoreElec with Kodi 18
System: Beelink GT1 Ultimate - Android 7.1, Amlogic S912 Octa-Core 1.5 GHz, 3GB DDR4
Storage: WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra NAS - 2x4TB WD Blue (WD40EZRZ)
Display: 55" TCL 55R615-CA 4K TV

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