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(2019-04-02, 04:16)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2019-04-02, 02:42)Sjors125 Wrote: @wrxtasy It's a shame I can't give you a thumbs up for each and every time you update this topic. You are a mediaplayer hero and everytime someone asks me about mediaplayers I refer to this topic. Keep up the good work. It is very much appreciated.

Cheers. Appreciated.
Quote:What do you think about the players from Zappiti? I've read that people are trying to get Kodi working on them. If Zappiti = Dune, then it's quality should be ok, but the price is very high compared to other mediaplayers.
Some time ago, I asked you about the Eminent 7680 in this topic. You then said it was just an ordinary player. I've used it for some time now and I am content with it, and see it also being advised for Kodi here and there. Has your opinion changed, or do you still think it is ordinary. And more to the point, what is "ordinary" in this case. Good? Good enough? Mediocre? Nothing special?

Over the years there is one thing that stands out - and that is buying something that is both mainstream & popular gives users a strong chance that a device will be supported for a pretty long time AND get all important, timely Firmware updates. That is really, really important, especially if you head down the Android road.

The other path to take are the Open Source solutions for Kodi - like LibreELEC, OSMC or CoreELEC. The more (passionate) developers the better, and very often these guys are ahead of the mainstream devices for Kodi features support.

I've no experience with Zappiti or Dune. @hdmkv or someone else may have some input.
But if a device is a really narrowly focussed, custom solution selling into a very limited market then I would be wary of any device long term. 
You're welcome!

So what about the Eminent? It is running LibreElec. LibreElec has a lot of support obviously, but I haven't seen a Leia version yet, to download. At least, not in the update menu of this mediaplayer.
The Eminent is capable of HEVC, HDR, 4k etc and is quite affordable.

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