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(2019-04-29, 07:37)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2019-04-29, 07:25)dm12 Wrote: Hello, new here and in the TV box world. I have been reading for the last couple of days this forum and the LibreELEC one but I need a last confirmation.
I have an old TV right now but I want to buy something that I can use whenever I decide to upgrade it.

What I want:
Kodi capable device that can play high bitrate BluRay rips over a local network (so 5Ghz + gigabit ethernet)
4k resolution (so I guess HEVC support)
HDR10 support (maybe HDR10+ and/or DV if possible)
5.1 audio (DTS:X and atmos?) passthrough so I can connect the device to an AVR

I do not think I'm missing anything right now. In my country this kind of stuff cost between two and three times their price sometimes so I am trying to spend the least amount of money possible (lets say U$D60 original price if possible).
In that range I found the H90pro+, some MECOOL ones, and some Tanix ones.

Is it the S912 the best one for my needs? If so, what device should I buy?
(2019-04-25, 03:52)wrxtasy Wrote: Best bang for the buck, with minor SD card (Class 10 U1) flashing DIY - still is the AMLogic S912's like the Tanix TX92 / Vorke Z6, H96 Pro+ etc. that have included GigaE running CoreELEC Kodi Leia (click), combined with something like a USB Mini Dongle receiver, Wireless Keyboard remote. You leave it on 24/7.
Infra Red is rubbish on these devices.

Welcome to the Kodi forums ! Smile 
You wrote every sticky I read here and in the LibreELEC forums and you answered this newbie questions, thanks a lot!

My TV right now is old, so no smart, and sometimes my girlfriend uses Netflix. Is it posible to dual boot this devices so she can play Netflix on it (on android I guess) full hd? Or thats not possible given that the device must be a Google Certified one.

This is not a priority at all, given that all new TVs are smart now so in the future she can use the app on the TV. So if it is not possible/not recommended is ok and I would not do it.

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