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I'd say that's one of the strong points for CoreELEC (Linux packaged with Kodi), LibreELEC (same as CoreELEC), or just straight Linux.  That's the ability to share media on the network.  It supports just about every network storage type you can think of, and probably a few others.  The down side with those is they take a bit more effort to setup since they are not just plug and play like an over the counter Android TV box.  Though LibreELEC and CoreELEC are pretty darn close.

Personally I would not consider Android as an option.  I haven't tried Android myself, but from what I've read Kodi runs the best on Linux or Windows.  Linux has some great options in that you can run additional servers and software on top of Kodi like TVHeadend and all kinds of other useful programs.  And of course being open source it's all cost free.  Of course Windows has the advantage there's support for just about everything under the sun, albeit with a price.

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