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(2020-06-25, 12:26)shad Wrote: Thanks guys,

have read a bit through the freaktab forum. Not that much info there, but:

1. Saw a video about Ugoos X3 and the guy suggests to replace the original antenna for better performance. Haven't read about it here so far, I believe. What is it about?

2. Also saw a thread, where AML S905X3 is compared to AML S905X4. There the rumour about AML S905X4 supporting AV1 codec mentioned in wrxtasy's post here is confirmed, but now that over 1 year since wrxtasy's post has passed, AML S905X4 devices aren't that far away, apparently, and also Ugoos X4 is pictured there with "soon in 2020", so that it probably makes sense to wait for it. What do you guys think?
1. Maybe they are suggesting the Wi-Fi is useless, I don't know because I always used Wired.

2. You can wait for the X4, but when that comes out the X5 will be 'coming soon', and on and on it goes. I don't know much about AV1, will it be the standard and make your box obsolete in the near future, I'd say unlikely. I've tested VP9 4k 60 fps which works, so I'm not overly concerned about AV1. The choice is yours though Smile

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