How is music being handled by Kodi?
I read the wiki section on Audio Engine and numerous threads about sound on this forum but I still can't get my head around how is music being handled by kodi.

I am clear on movies as once pass through is enabled all content is... well, passed through to the AVR and handled by it.

With the music it is not the case. My question actually relates to the fact that whatever format mp3, flac, 24bit/96 flac, you name it, is being played, I can only see the PCM indicator lit on the receiver. Especially with 'hd' music - 24bit flac files, there is no 24bit indicator is lit on the avr.
So how this is being handled? Does kodi recognise the stream, encodes it to pcm and then sends through to the AVR? That would meant that there is no option to 'pass through' the music stream and let avr handle it. I.e. all is software handled by kodi. Is this assumption correct? If so, is there a way to enforce flacs, mp3 ar actually any music to be transferred to avr and encoded over there? So, an option to in fact enabling sort of a pass through for music.
Much obliged for clarificationWink
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How is music being handled by Kodi? - by nivepl - 2016-01-02, 13:58

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