Budget AMLogic S9xx Media Player Options
(2017-08-16, 09:53)Jeffers24 Wrote:
(2017-08-15, 23:40)jakejm79 Wrote: Not to get wildly off topic. But I guess I am having a hardtime wrapping my head around why you would want a LE install to transport between box to box. Just create one image and install it to NAND or clone the mSD cards and stick one in each box if you still need dual boot.

If I install LibreELEC to NAND I lose android capability on those boxes which I don't want to do, having a USB stick/SD card for each box is an expense I don't need to spend at the moment.

My thoughts below based on what I know at the moment, so they may cause more confusion than clarity :-)

I have more than one box in more than one country, so I can just put my LibreELEC USB in any box and boot the box into LibreELEC if I want to
I prefer android as it has utility apps I can use, such as ES File Explorer, with which I can easily update my folders/files on my LibreElec USB and my android box, when the box is booted to android
I prefer android as it has catch up apps I can use such as ITVHub, All4 etc.
My main issue with android boxes is the version of Amlogic installed by most if not all cheap box suppliers cause HD/Surround Sound issues.

I have seen so many references and praise of LibreELEC that I thought I should have a go with it.
With my limited exposure to LibreELEC my the main plus points are:-
Ease of use (no need to be constrained by android restrictions) and quality of picture and sound, especially if you have a HD/4k TV and a surround sound system are amazing (most users of android boxes I know don't have this set up).
Also LibreELEC can breath new life into old Android 4.x.x spec boxes, I have a MINIX box stuck on 4.4.2 which cannot support Kodi 17. I also know a lot of people with old boxes that may revitalise their boxes using LibreELEC.
My main issues with LibreELEC are that I can't use TV catchup apps and I can't edit the second partition on my LibreELEC drive in windows.

OK so you need to maintain dual boot. I'd double check the add on repository, in the US at least there are several add ons for network TV stations allowing you to catch up.
IMO you can get a suitable mSD car for around $10, unless you have like 5+ boxes, it will probably be cheaper to buy a mSD card for each box rather than a single USB stick (or even multiple sticks if the first one isn't suitable), you also have the bonus of never needing to remember to pack the USB stick when traveling. Even cheap is just have one box (leave the remote and power adapter at each location and just tote the box around, a little more bulky than a USB stick and not a solution if multiple people use the box.

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