Mod Aeon MQ5 for Kodi 17 Krypton
Update 2017/03/10

Aeon MQ Krypton Mod skin has been updated for full compatibility with Kodi Krypton 17.0/17.1.

Please note that the biggest change in this Mod, compared to earlier versions is that many skin textures are configured in the "Skin Settings" menu on the "Icon/Backgrounds" tab. This includes add-on skin themes and styles which previously were included in the Aeon MQ Extrapack add-on. This add-on is no longer needed nor used and can be uninstalled via add-on browser.

Full install instructions:

1. Preliminary steps.

a. If this is an upgrade I recommend making all changes from within Estuary default skin.

b. If you have installed any version of the scripts used in providing skin info for movie sets, I recommend you uninstall these and download the latest versions to install from zip. These are "" and "script.moviesetart".

2. Download and install the skin Mod repository, from Github here:

Github repository 9.2.0 release

Save the download file to a location available from within Kodi. In Kodi, navigate to the add-on browser and select install from zip (you may need to first change the add-on settings to allow installing from unknown sources).

You will now see an entry in "my addons" for the repository.

3. (optional). In add-on browser go to install from repository and select the Aeon MQ5 Kryptonmod Skin Repository. Click through "look and feel" and "GI sounds" and install Aeon MQ5 Krypton Sounds. After installing, navigate back to "image collections" and install Skin Styles - Aeon MQ.

4. Enter (or navigate back up in) add-on broswer install from repository and select the Aeon MQ5 Kryptonmod Skin Repository. Click through "look and feel" and "skin" and install Aeon MQ 5 Kryptonmod. Installing requires several "dependency add-ons" which will be installed first, following by installation of the skin itself. Sometimes problems with Kodi file mirrors results in a dependency failing to install due to time-outs. If this happens wait a couple of minutes and try to install the skin again. I recommend you do not switch to the skin at this time.

5. (optional). Install from zip add-ons used for movie set information displays.

a. from here:

This script has been updated for Krypton (version unchanged) so make sure you download the current version.

b. scriptmoviesetart from here:

This script indicates it is for "Frodo" but works in all later versions of Kodi.

6. In Kodi interface settings/skin, select "Aeon MQ 5 Kryptonmod skin". On first run the skin will take some time to build menus for the home window. When all steps have completed, Kodi will switch to the new skin and you will be taken to the home window.

7. I recommend you exit Kodi and restart. Normally Kodi does a good job of writing all skin settings to file, but this step just makes sure that it is done before you start customizing the skin.

8. I recommend you customize the skin icons/backgrounds first. This is a new tab in the skin settings. In this tab is a list of possible icons and background types that the skin supports. In some cases Kodi includes the image add-ons as part of the base install. In other cases you can download and install from the Kodi (or other) repo the image types you want (example, weather icons and fanart, studio icons, etc). After these resource add-ons are installed you can select them for use. You can also switch your GUI sounds, but you need to do that from the "system" settings, not "skin settings".

After you have completed this step, you can make other skin settings as desired. For the most part it works as it has in the past.

For "custom home menu" there is now a button/submenu available for displaying the music library "roles" view. If you copy custom home menu items from Jarvis, you may find certain menus don't work. This is due to changes in Krypton. In the "customize home menu", you can replace the non-functioning menu item with the same one from the menu selection panel, and the working version will replace the Jarvis one.

Note that besides the new music "roles" view, an interesting Krypton feature is the "player tempo" control which allows you to playback video with sound in the range 0.8 - 1.5 of normal speed. To make this available you need to change the video player setting to "sync playback to display" in the settings. (Note that if you do this, audio passthrough no longer is available so you need to consider this.) The full screen video OSD has buttons for "tempo up" and "tempo down", or you can use keyboard/remote (may need to edit your keymap file). There is also a new OSD menu betton for "CMS" controls, if your monitor supports this.

Numerous changes were made in live TV, in particular EPG and timers, so you might need read the Kodi wiki on the differences. Also, attached controllers are managed differently. Again consult the wiki for more info.

I am working on a 1080 version of the skin. This will be a separate install when available. A Leia (Kodi 18) version of the skin is also available.

As always, the latest files are available on the GitHub repository as soon as I commit them.

Update 2016/11/30

I new release build 9.2.2 of Aeon MQ5 for Kodi 17 (Krypton) is available. This update is intended for use in Kodi Krypton Beta 6 release and later nightlies.

Release can be downloaded from my GitHub repository from the 9.2.2 release page here:

Add-on "TV Tunes" is no longer supported, but the code is available (but commented-out) in the xml files.

Add-on dependencies in the skin have been modified. The Kodi official "playalbum" add-on has been added as a dependency.

Update 2016/08/24

This update is intended for use in Kodi Krypton Beta 1 release and later nightlies.

It is available from my release section of github.
If you have my Aeon MQ5 Kryptonmod repo installed in Kodi you should see the update, otherwise download the zip and install fro zip locally.

The Kodi settings have been reworked, as far as names and categories / tabs. The new settings window looks like this:


everything (almost) is there but you might have to hunt around for it until you get used to the new Krypton style. The main function changes is that to turn on/off game controllers / joysticks and live TV, there is no setting any more; instead you have to enable or disable the appropriate add-ons in the add-on browser.

2. For controllers, there is now a new Kodi configuration dialog. I admit I don't really understand how it is intended to work, but this is what it looks like:


Update 2016/07/05

I have released a new build of Aeon MQ5 for Kodi 17 (Krypton).

Github release 9.1.18

This release is for Kodi 17 Alpha 2 (Krypton) release.

Note that Kodi settings layout has been significantly updated for Krypton, so you will have to re-learn where specific settings are located.

MQ5 for Krypton relies on "resource packs" for various things such as GUI sounds and icons (weather, genre, studio, recording labels, etc). These must be downloaded from the official Kodi add-on repository and installed/selected via the Aeon MQ5 skin settings.

Kodi Krypton makes many "under the hood" changes that affect how skins work (but may not be visible to the user). I have incorporated all these changes as best I could but there could be some bugs along the way.

I have been tweaking various layouts to ensure the "massive font" option displays well. In some cases this may make the "default" font less than perfect but I feel the trade-off is worthwhile (my experience is that the "massive" font is mandatory for using Kodi in a living room environment).

Update 2016/02/03

Now there is a Kodi 3rd party repo available for the skin (and sound resource). I have bumped the release to 9.1.15.a3. You can get the repo zip (and just the skin sip if you preffer) from the release page here:

Github release 9.1.15.a3 (with Kodi repo)

As always, download either zip to a local location and use Kodi add-on browser to "install from zip". If you install the repo, you will get updates (auto or notification per settings).

Update 2016/02/01

WIP Kryptonmod skin has been bumped to 9.1.15. This new release has added/replaced dialog windows for compatibility with Kodi Krypton builds from 0129 nightly. Release is available here:

Github 9.1.15 release

Download the file from that page. This can installed via "install from zip" in the Kodi 17 addon browser.


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