Music New Features/Improvements Request Summary
(2016-11-03, 20:17)DarkHelmet Wrote: DaveBlake, your work on the music section is highly appreciated (and other devs of course of too, but your name springs to mind). You concentrate mainly on the music library as far as I see it, which is great. If I may ask, is there even a dev working on other core music functions? Please don't get me wrong, but does it even make sense to utter feature requests for music playback, playlist management or other features? A feature request list is great, but when none of the devs are interested, I fear it could lead to a feeling of being neglected and it ends up as making a list for the sole purpose of making a list.

It is good to have a list in one place, things less likey to get lost. But lack of devs is a real issue, and as I have said elsewhere it is not easy to get on the Kodi development merry-go-round. I think the only clear dividing line is between player facilities e.g. being able to play format x of file seamlessly, or streaming something, and all the functions that manage what is on the current list of things to be played. The "player" has an expert dev, but most of the work is video orientated. Playlist management and related stuff probably falls in my direction along with the library (which is my personal main interest). But the job list is big, and progress is slow. Kodi is a mature piece of software, one person can wade in and change stuff but other team members need to be convinced that the result is sound. Getting that approveal from busy people is not always easy or quick.

I am quite sure users can come up with very valid requests far quicker than the devs could ever keep up with. What we do about that I'm not sure.

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