ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2016-10-10, 16:23)Jeffers24 Wrote:
(2016-10-10, 15:47)gsmtech Wrote:
(2016-10-10, 14:47)Jeffers24 Wrote: Agreed an impressive list of capabilities, most of which (as per my earlier post) I don't understand and I don't know what benefit they will give me.

To me it's all about my experience, which I agree is totally subjective, my budget box plays everything I have asked it to with excellent crisp visual and sofa shaking audio output. What more could I ask for :-)

Is my budget box capable of all of the features you list, I have no idea, if it was will they enhance my experience I would have to do tests to check.

As in my earlier post I will download some test files from the wiki link you posted and run them.

My understanding is that I could put libreElec on an SDCard and run it on my budget box with some of the test files to see what difference it makes.

"Is my budget box capable of all of the features you list, I have no idea, if it was will they enhance my experience I would have to do tests to check."

- using Android your box is not capabale of the listed features in the mentioned post, but using LibreElec these features become available, this is the reason for using LibreElec, Yes you can run LibreElec off SD card without affecting your current Android software. if you want to boot into android just remove the SD card.

- Try out LibreElec and see what you think.

OK :-) as I can run it off an SDCard I'll give it a go.

Would you provide the best link for me to go get libreElec and with some instructions, so that I can load onto an SDCard and run on my budget box, don't want to name it in case wrxtasy kicks off again.

I am assuming I load libreElec onto my SDCard, I don't have to change anything on my box and that I can run my Kodi build after booting libreElec. Please let if my assumptions are incorrect.

Thanks for your help

Quick Edit - If it makes sense I would like to stick with stable Kodi 16.1

Yes, you can load LibreElec onto your SD card and boot your box off the SD Card you dont have to change anything on your box, you do have to the first time you boot libre elec, hold the pin hole reset button on your box to make the box boot from SD card.

I currently run my box the same way, i,.e: I have untouched original androind firmware on the internal memory, and LibreElec on SD card, if I remove the SD card my box boots into Android as normal. With the SD card insterted it will boot into LibreElec.

LibreElec has kodi integrated so it will boot you directly into the kodi 16.1 home page. You dont have to install kodi or launch kodi speerately, LibreElec is a "just enough OS" specifically for kodi. All lnks can be found on the LibreElec forums, under the Amlogic section look for kszaqs builds for S905 devices.
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