ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2017-01-30, 10:16)wrxtasy Wrote: Time to go looking for a decently priced 2017 3D TV then from a Major Manufacturer...what where have they all gone ? - the way of the dinosaur !

I hope you are watching 3D with a projector screen- because in reality that is the only way to view 3D properly for the full immersion effect. Any other viewing method is just playing with Tonka Toys otherwise.

The word Niche sums up 3D succinctly in 2017 Wink

I need to add more detail for another limitation with the RPi's:
- shared USB2 / 100M Ethernet bus with 11MB/s bandwidth limitations. Not so good for a File Server / Mini NAS.
Although I don't understand why you constantly repeat that no new 3D TV's are going to be introduced, it is a fact that the source material exists and the lack of 3D in 2017 TVs will not travel back in time and extinguish the existence of past 3D Blurays. There are still a lot of 3D blu rays (in fact I guess more than 50% of blockbuster movies 2013-2017) were and are being produced in 3D and were also released as 3D blu rays. I can understand if somebody prefers 2D versions of the movies for various reasons.

But I do not see any developer or anybody complain about XviD being dead and saying that this is the reason for not implementing a working/smooth XviD decoder. It rather seems (gladly) that even XviD, mpeg2 compatibility etc. is self-understanding when trying to provide a community build, which has the aim to be fully functioning. And nobody complains about it, and why should anybody? It is good when everything is working as good as possible.
Because everybody wants to play all the files on his newly bought device (e.g. Odroid C2), like he was used playing it on his old one (e.g. Raspberry Pi).

The thing is simply that many of us have 3D material. And nobody forces anybody to watch anything in 3D. Still there seems to be some kind of aversion if somebody asks for whether it is working or not. It was working once on almost all devices (and on C2 as well) and although no 4K 3D movies can be bought, there is still a lot of stuff out there.

It would just be cool to get a response like "hey, low priority, but I'll look into it, as almost every single video format is working except this yet", instead of "it's dead, there was never such thing as 3D blu rays or so and anyway... it does not make sense in my eyes" (obviously exaggeration) :/.

For me in personal, it would be enough if simply autoswitching the TV into 3D mode would be working somehow. I don't like 3D with active shutter either, but on passive TV's it's very enjoyable, even with a 42" TV.

Don't get me wrong wrxtasy, I'm not angry about this topic or so. I really love what you've made with our C2. It is just the thing that I think anybody has different preferences... some like 3D (and not only on projectors) and some not, but the lack of devices does not mean that the already bought Blu Rays are worthless...I like them and apparently I'm not the only one.
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