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@rmrector: Holy cow! It totally didn't occur to me to use the tvshow bool. Now that I've seen it in writing. it all makes sense! It's just the way I like it! As for the timing, you're absolutely correct, but there's a way. You can standardise it by making the scroll-speed something fast, and set a <pauseatend> to your desired timing. That has the effect of pausing for a number of seconds after the label has scrolled to its end. So if you make the scroll itself last under a second, you effectively get a sort of timer for the rotation. Bye-bye annoying image-dependent scrolling. Big Grin

As for the animated artwork, I'm simply unclear. I seem to remember there being some small, nigh-invisible check mark in one of the dependencies, that would enable the automatic loading of the animated artwork, but I just can't find it. I've nothing against it being done automatically, but manually picking it all is a drag.

As for the sets conundrum, it's actually all the sets. The problem is two fold - one is that "Select artwork to add" always produces a random film with its selectable/addable art. In my tests, it was always or almost always the first title in the database. It's as if the set could not be found and Beef started the search from the very top? The other problem is that the "Choose art" option doesn't seem to search for things properly either. After further testing, I can say that the only result for all my sets when using "Choose art" is a list of all film posters for all the films in the set. So, regardless whether I clicked to search for landscape, fanart or whatever, the results in the search window are always the same, a list of the set film posters.

Now, what seems strange to me is that Beef recognised every single one of the sets upon originally adding the artwork, it directed to the proper set logos, and disc if available, etc. but it fails on every manual search. The way it stands now, I have to either re-scrape the whole set to accomplish any change or simply settle for not having the option of changing anything but the set posters. Now, I'd have nothing against having a list of all the movies' logos/clearart, etc. if a specialised collection logo was not found, but all my examples (I'm talking popular stuff which I know has content, Terminator, Alien, Pirates of the Carribean, LoTR, etc) already have the special artwork that Beef found and cached, which it refuses to show in the manual search results.
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