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@badaas that's no good. Turns out this can happen if you wipe the Kodi database and rescan everything. Artwork Beef keeps a list of movie sets that associates their Kodi library ID with their TMDB ID, and the Kodi library IDs will be renumbered when the database is wiped, so the list Artwork Beef then has all the wrong associations.

The solution for now will be to remove all artwork for existing sets (run Artwork Beef from "Programs", select "Remove specific type of artwork for ...", then "Sets ...", then repeat for each artwork type), then doctor Artwork Beef's list, which is in the file system at "userdata/addon_data/script.artwork.beef/processeditems.db". If you are comfortable with SQL (it's a SQLite DB) you can run a query that deletes just movie set records where mediatype = "set", otherwise you can just delete the file itself (this way Artwork Beef will have to reprocess all media items again, so the next run will take some time, though not quite as long as the very first time).

I'll improve Artwork Beef's handling of this situation, it should be possible to catch this automatically.
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