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Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
I've updated Artwork Beef to version 0.11.0; if you have my repo installed it will show up soon, otherwise download it here.

Lots of little features with big descriptions in this one.
  • add option to override image language (defaults to Kodi interface language), though it won't overwrite your existing artwork - @gabardal
  • add option to prefer posters without a title, off by default. You'll want to change your scraper settings so that it does not set any poster, as Artwork Beef will not overwrite the image from the scraper with one from web services - @vicmanpergar at forum.fanart.tv
  • add option to force generation of a thumbnail from video files, off by default, separate options for movies and episodes - @meridius gave me the idea, but still doesn't quite cover their request
    • Often enough the thumbnail Kodi chooses from one specific point in a video file produces a better result than thumbs from TheTVDB
    • For movies the Beef can't automatically tell the difference between an actual still and a marketing image/press shot from web services, and it matters enough that I don't want to set a marketing image to a thumb automatically, so this is a happy medium for now
    • I can't choose a different point in time for the thumbnail, though, Kodi gives you what it gives you
  • generate a report of all changed artwork. No way to view it in Kodi at the moment, but you can find it at "userdata/addon_data/script.artwork.beef/artwork-report.txt". It will keep the report limited in size, keep a handful of the most recent previous reports, and delete the rest. There is an add-on setting to log each item individually rather than the default that reports on each run in aggregate - @TheBigRoberto
  • fix a couple Leia compatibility issues, namely it didn't do much - @knives of ice, this should take care of your problem, though let me know if you encounter others. I had thought the change in Leia would have the opposite effect (no context menu items but everything else works), or I probably would have pushed that fix sooner.
  • use HTTPS for all API and image URLs. Fanart.tv recently switched to secure image URLs in API results, and the rest offer secure URLs, so now is a good time to switch them all.
  • Properly refresh items when the Kodi library is wiped and rebuilt. This prevents the wrong artwork for movie sets that @badaas encountered, but only for items added and updated after this version is installed. Anyone that currently has such mismatched movie set artwork, you MUST take a few steps to fix this:
    1. under "Program Add-ons" run "Artwork Beef", then select "Quick fix: Reset all movie set IDs"
    2. run "Artwork Beef" again, select "Remove specific type of artwork for ...", then "Sets ...", then "all: ####"
    3. run "Artwork Beef" one last time and select "add missing artwork for new items" (Beef will consider them new because they aren't in its private database)

Thanks everyone for your feedback!
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