Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
@Guilouz thanks, I'll get that merged in soon

(2017-11-07, 14:43)DaveBlake Wrote: ...

If I am spoonfed some more detail, then as the dev with most interest in the music library  I may be able to improve this. But I have lots to do already so it needs to be made easy for me and clear what the requirements are. I don't use the video lib, nor bother with addons much so I don't know by default what that does or what is wanted.

So for example if you can mock up examples of what the JSON API calls could be like (from similar in video) and what you want them to achieve then that would help. Even better start a thread in Music Support discussing it, I will spot anything posts in that subforum.

Ya, I can work on that.

(2017-11-07, 14:55)wallacebw Wrote: Also a new user recently migrated from artwork downloader leveraging estuarymod v2.   

Artwork Beef is working great and i cleared and refreshed the artwork for my collection, followed by caching everything with   I like that the reference to everything is stored in the DB and there is no need for an 'extrafanart' folder, but it has a side-effect that I was hoping someone could assist me with.   

I had been using artwork downloader, then occasionally exported my library to separate files using kodi.    With artwork beef, this has the following effect (I think, may not be 100%):
  1. Artwork identified via plugin is added to texture13.db with url (internet) reference
  2. artwork is cached via whatever means (browsing kodi,, etc)
  3. I export the video library to store the artwork with the videos, which creates movie-fanart??.jpg (so far so good)
    in this example lets say there is 5 pieces of fanart
  4. I rerun artwork beef at a later time, all URL references i are replaced with local references (SMB path in my case) (also good)
  5. Additionally, artwork identified in #1 (above) is identified as 'new' or additional and added to the texture13.db
  6. repeat #2
  7. I export the library again, and the artwork is exported, but as there is now duplicate references to the same artwork, fanart 6-10 is created although they are duplicates of 1-5.  
I know this is not strictly an artwork beef issue, but wanted to see of there are any thoughts on a better approach to storing the identified artwork with the media.  


For you situation I'd suggest using the texture cache utility to export the artwork rather thank Kodi. I think its export can swap the records in the Kodi library as it goes, avoiding the duplicates. A bonus is that it also exports full quality versions of the artwork, while Kodi exports the often scaled down versions it uses.

Edit: @Code101 If you are using Kodi 16 Jarvis then I should have a fix out soon; I missed something with Jarvis support.
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