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Hello mrector,

i am trying to switch from Artwork Downloader to Artwork Beef, and I am not sure how to best go about it.  All of my movies are in separate folders, and in each folder I have the artwork.  All of my artwork has the "old" naming convention, meaning poster.jpg instead of <movie name>-poster.jpg.  The same applies to all other artwork (fanart, discart, clearart, etc.)

I selected "Automatically Add from filesystem only", "Download processed artwork to file system", and "Identify Alternate Artwork Downloader and MSAA Artwork File Names" in the add-on settings.  I ran Artwork Beef and told it to find missing artwork for all videos.  The result (which I expected Artwork Beef not to find any missing art) was that a lot of my movies now do not show a poster or fanart, even though the art is there next to the movie.  I have to "Refresh" each movie if I want to see the poster/fanart/additional art again.

This did not happen to all movies (and I have not been able to identify a pattern), and it also happened to most of my music videos.  TV Shows, Seasons and Episodes do not seem to have been affected.

If it helps, I am running the latest Leia nightly, 64-bit, under Windows 10 64-bit.

Could you please let me know what setting did I configure incorrectly, or what steps did I miss, or better yet, what steps should I follow to complete this transition? Also, is there any way through the addon to have my movie art show up again without having to either refresh each movie (quite time consuming in my case, 5000+ movies)? Thank you very much for your help.


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