Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
@D4rkPh0en1x Artwork Beef won't duplicate files to a central directory for that like Artwork Downloader did. Skins can grab a list of fanart directly from the library, either using another add-on (like Grab fanart, or Skin Helper Service has this as one of its myriad options) or without an add-on using Kodi's built in functionality.

@smitchell6879 Artwork Beef still sets movie collection artwork as expected, you just need to disable that one setting to work around the bug for the moment. Please remove that script from this thread, it just confuses the problem with "set" and "setfanart", and seems to incorrectly remove artwork from movie collections that Artwork Beef already adds.

@Kokonutcreme It really shouldn't be deleting any files automatically, no matter the settings. After rescanning can you try the "Add missing artwork" context item for one movie, to see if it happens again for that one item? If it does, a debug log and the "artwork-report.txt" of the incident could help me figure out where it's going wrong.

I'll probably add an option to save to the shorter names for movies and music videos ("[arttype].[ext]" vs "[movie file basename]-[arttype].[ext]"), but not to a name that goes against Kodi's convention ("clearlogo" only belongs as "clearlogo.png" or "[movie file basename]-clearlogo.png", not "logo.png"). Your media manager should be able to identify all artwork that matches Kodi's naming conventions (which it's had for several years), in addition to whatever other options they add. Artwork Beef's behavior is noted in the documentation.
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