Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
@smitchell6879 Artwork Beef does add movie collection artwork from web services if configured in add-on settings under the "Movies" tab (open the context item on a movie collection in the library and select "Manage..." - "Choose art" to see all artwork attached to the collection), and will download that artwork to a central directory if configured under "Advanced", "Files", "process movie set artwork in a central info directory". Kodi 18 doesn't exactly download "set" and "setfanart", but adds them to movies in the database then Artwork Beef will download them along with the rest of the movie artwork.

@junias I will add an option to enable downloading artwork per media type, but for now Artwork Beef can only download artwork for the video library anyway. For the last problem, the skin is pulling up the movie thumb and expecting the fallback poster, but it should instead pick the poster first and then fall back to the thumb if there is no poster.
(2018-02-02, 01:43)Milhouse Wrote: For the movies themselves, use the movie-name prefix notation, as that just works regardless of how the movie is stored (single movie per folder, multiple movies per folder, it doesn't matter).
This is why I chose Artwork Beef's initial behavior, but I will add an option to use un-prefixed names when downloading. I like keeping multiple editions of a movie in one directory, and I like the idea that non-prefixed artwork applies to all editions/copies while prefixed artwork can override specific editions. Kodi's file loading doesn't work this way, but Artwork Beef does; it fits Kodi's existing behavior well enough either way.
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