Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
Animated artwork will come in the future.

@Dumyat That's a fairly wild assumption. There is no combination of settings or actions in Artwork Beef that will wipe out all of your image files, never mind "one wrong move" (barring a bug that I am unaware of, which screenshots of settings will not solve). Is there something in the documentation that suggests this is a looming threat? Backup your important files, this is the only way to protect them from any misbehaving software or broken hardware or misconfiguration that may adversely affect them.

@Streggi Episode "fanart" and "thumb" are two different images that can be displayed in different places. Fanart are high resolution, high quality images of specifically chosen scenes, either from press images or captured from a frame of the video file. Skins usually show them as a background or a big image in the foreground. Artwork Beef only adds episode fanart from TMDB, and only automatically if the series is chosen in the "Select series for episode 'fanart'..." option; you can still manually browse and assign episode fanart with "Select artwork..." on the episode to see if they are available for a series. Neither Kodi's thumbnails option nor Artwork Beef's thumb options affect episode fanart.

Thumbs can be low resolution, squashed, and watermarked (if using the TVDB scraper), or maybe one of the same images that AB will pick for fanart if using the TMDB scraper (not really sure how that scraper works, it may also pick the same image as the TVDB scraper), or generated by Kodi from one hardcoded point in time, so not necessarily a well chosen shot (if the scraper doesn't provide a thumb, or the Artwork Beef thumbnail option is enabled). Skins tend to show them in smaller boxes. Artwork Beef will not add any episode thumbs from web services, but if configured will replace them with Kodi generated thumbs. The actual image will only be generated when the episode is displayed in the video library if Kodi has also been configured to generate thumbnails. If Artwork Beef's "generate thumb" option is disabled then episode thumbs are mostly left alone, but will be downloaded if the download artwork option is enabled.

In my skinning experiments I fall back to the series fanart slideshow if there is no episode fanart, rather than display the thumb in its place - I do use the "generate episode thumb" option, but still only display it in a small box.
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