Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-02-28, 07:09)rmrector Wrote: @manfeed Yup, Artwork Beef caches results for 72 hours. I've considered lowering it to 24 hours, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.
 Thanks for the info, 72 hours is ok for me, I think I can wait that long... Laugh

I'm taking advantage of the new available options for music artwork in my mod... it's great! Thanks also for your detailed info about the addon, extrafanarts and all the rest... it's pretty interesting  Nod

I have a question... In the addon settings there's an option to import local art to the database, is that working for music or only for videos?

I'm asking that because over the years I have been carefully choosing logos, fanart, etc. that I have beside my music files and folders. I especifically have an extrafanart folder under every artist; would it be possible somehow to add those fanarts to the database as fanart1, fanart2, fanart3...? That way I could take advantage of your suggested option for getting rid of the extrafanart local folders.

Thanks in advance!
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