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(2018-03-11, 02:33)rmrector Wrote: @drwyrm curious. I added a few of the series with NFO you posted and they didn't merge after adding them fresh and running Artwork Beef. If you want NFO files, can you try exporting NFOs from Kodi, then try adding them fresh to see if this happens with the new ones. Otherwise, if you're happy I'm happy.

@D-m-x If you disable the "Download artwork for processed ..." options in Artwork Beef then Kodi is responsible for downloading images directly to its cache when the image is shown by a skin. Artwork Beef otherwise only provides a couple of options for choosing where to download artwork, just for movie sets and music artwork (based on the Kodi setting).

@renzz There isn't an option to disable downloading of individual art types. Disable the Artwork Beef option "Download artwork for processed episodes" if you don't want Artwork Beef to download any artwork for episodes. Under "Advanced" "files" enable the option "Replace episode 'thumb' with Kodi generated thumb" to remove the "thumb" image added by the scraper, or you can enable the option "Disable all automatic processing for episodes" if you don't need episode fanart at all.

Edit: Sorry guys, found the problem. 0.18.1 will be coming soon to fix it.
Edit 2: 0.18.1 released with a fix for downloading images even though the switch is disabled. I also changed the text for these options from "Download artwork ..." to "Download image files ...".
Thanks, I disabled downloading to local because my Source isn't always accessible. I combined that with texturecache Script so I'm not seeing any delay. The fix is working quite well, I've had it always disabled but due to the Bug it filled my source with Files.
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