Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
Artwork Beef updated to 0.20.1

This is just a set of fixes and an update to the French translation (thanks Guilouz for keeping that updated!). Fixes include the preview image for artwork from TheTVDB, downloading music artwork to the central artwork directory in many cases, and a downloader crash when all images for a single item fail to download.

@roidy It does not grab TV show artwork from TMDB. I may add the option in the future.

@Blurayx My best guess is that you have the unwanted artwork locally but haven't configured Artwork Beef to download new artwork. Artwork Beef always prefers local artwork, so the next time it runs it adds the unwanted local artwork again. Check the add-on settings, at the bottom of the "TV Shows" page, under "Download these artwork types to the local file system" make sure the options include all artwork you want to download.

Another possibility is with multiple fanart: if you want to change the first "fanart" image you have to manually deselect all current fanart, then select your preferred image first, then the rest of the fanart you want in the rotation.

If that's not it, I need a debug log and the artwork report (details at the bottom of the first post). When recording the debug log and report, use Artwork Beef to set the artwork for a couple series to one you want manually, then "AB: add missing artwork" on those series to run Artwork Beef's process. One of these two actions is probably where it is changing artwork on you.
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