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(2018-07-19, 00:23)rmrector Wrote:
Quote:is there a way to add TV posters from theMovieDB instead of or tvdb? The reason I ask this is that it seems theMovieDB is the only source which has the TV posters with the Kodi recommended resolution (1000 x 1500) as per the Kodi artwork wiki. TVDB is 680 x 1000 and is 1000 x 1426 (don't understand the logic behind 1426..).
No. Don't worry too much about the difference, as long as it is close to 2:3 it will be fine - skins and other interfaces are generally designed with this discrepancy in mind. I may add the option later, but don't hold your breath. 

Thanks mate for replying to my question.

How about obtaining the episode thumbnails from TMDB instead of TVDB? The difference in quality between the episode thumbs is quite significant on bigger or higher res screens. I would switch to TMDB for TV scraping but in my experience TVDB has better TV show metadata compared to TMDB and TMDB has better images. 

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