Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2018-08-05, 19:15)Ipaddle Wrote: Hi

This is an amazing addon. Does it fully replace movie set automater?
Can I run the addon only for moviesets? Maybe there is a special konfiguration.
Otherwise it is not so funny to add fanart formovie sets (collection) one by one.
Yes, it includes most of Movie Set Artwork Automator's functionality - I think the only "feature" not available is fully customizable artwork filenames.

It can be configured to work with only movie sets. Disable Automatically add these artwork types from web services and file system for all artwork types for all media types except movie sets, and if you only need it to identify local files, enable the option "Do not automatically add artwork from web services, only identify local files" at the top of the "Movies" tab.

(2018-08-09, 15:50)bobrap Wrote: Is there a setting to set the number of extrafanarts downloaded?  Thanks  Also, are you still considering not putting movieset art into separate folders when saving to a central folder?  Thanks again.
It will download all fanart added if configured under "Download these artwork types to the local file system", and the limit for automatically added fanart can be configured under Automatically add these artwork types from web services and file system.

(2018-08-14, 08:25)MANswers Wrote: For Fanart Project API key do we have to put the - kodi aswell after the keys as seen in the api page.. 
for eg: jifjdifndfdifndfidndifjdifjdijjijfdide8 - kodi

Note : this is a junk key.. just for an example.
As you see the - kodi added to the Project api key.. is that mandatory?
The actual key is in bold, the " - kodi" is just the name you gave it when you created the key.
(2018-08-16, 18:30)curael Wrote: @rmrector Hello man! Thanks again for the wonderful addon! First off, could you  explain to me, about the thumbs, and the solution you implemented to have them removed again (I'm still using the solution with adding "thumbs" so that it removes the TVDB thumbs again. What am I supposed to tick in the updated version, and I can remove thumbs again, yes?
In the add-on settings under Advanced, the option "Replace episode ‘thumb’ with Kodi generated thumb" handles all of this now. You can remove "thumb" from the episode list.
(2018-08-16, 18:30)curael Wrote: Also, new question, is it possible to add an entry to "remove all artwork" from separate shows? ... Basically so that it resets the movie, the show, the season or the episode? Smile Depending on which one I choose to "Remove all artwork" from?
That's not a bad idea.
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