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(2018-08-28, 13:29)Alyy Wrote: I use Putty to make orders. Yes it's work now.

Here's an example that does not display the logo, yet it exists in fanartv.

And for many movies, Stargate Origins, Batman and Harley Quinn, Green Lantern (Saga)... A manual search does not give anything.


    "art": {
      "fanart": "image://",
      "poster": "image://"
    "file": "/media/hd/-Films d'Animation/Batman and Harley Quinn (2017).mkv",
    "label": "Batman and Harley Quinn",
    "movieid": 1578,
    "title": "Batman and Harley Quinn",
    "uniqueid": {
      "unknown": "tt6556890"

chrissix explained why Artwork Beef can't find artwork for the Green Lantern saga.

Run "AB: add missing artwork" on "Batman and Harley Quinn", then run that "texturecache" command again and post the new results.


Option 1: From the documentation: "run Artwork Beef from Program Add-ons and remove all existing artwork from movie collections" then add missing artwork for all videos. From a post directly to you: "remove all artwork from movie sets by running Artwork Beef from "Program add-ons", then add missing artwork for all videos". This is the third time, please stop ignoring me.

Option 2: disable all artwork from your movie scraper, then Kodi won't have any movie artwork to copy to the movie sets so Artwork Beef won't have to try to identify and replace them. This will only help with new movies and movie sets added to your library, though.

Option 3: manually select the artwork you want. Artwork Beef helps out a lot but it isn't perfect and it cannot fix movie set artwork perfectly. With your biological vision you can easily tell if artwork is for an individual movie or the set, but Artwork Beef isn't designed for computer vision and can't so easily make that distinction.

@pletopia No. It is the way it is because that is how I intend it to be.
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