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(2018-12-16, 10:41)VelvetKevorkian Wrote: folder.jpg vs thumb.jpg
After switching from Krypton to Leia i noticed that a lot of artists in my music library have no picture displayed anymore, even though i have a folder.jpg for each one.
I now have to click on an artist -> information -> and chose the local one, then it gets displayed again.

Artwork beef uses thumb.jpg instead of folder.jpg, could that be the cause of that issue?
Has this changed in general for Leia?
No you don't need to call local artist art thumb.jpg, folder.jpg is still the deafult name.

Also @VelvetKevorkian I don't think the missing art is an Artwork Beef issue, but could be caused by imporvements to the way local art for artists is handled in Leia.

Previous versions of Kodi were too casual in the way they identified the folder for an artist, and there were numerous problems with the wrong art being picked up from unexpected places. Leia is much more careful - all the music by an album artist must be under a common folder, and that folder much be unique for that artist. If it can't find such a folder it does not just take the one above the album folders and grab art from there.

Leia also offers an "artist information folder" setting that let's the user nominate a specific folder that will have subfolders for each artist containing local art and NFO files. This liberates users from having to have all the music by an artist in one place, it means it can handle collaborations (more than one album artist e.g. orchesta + conductor), or can divide music by folder for some other category e.g. wife's music, party stuff etc. More on that here 319284 (thread)

So the missing art could be down to the way the music is arranged in folders. Perhaps you would like to start a thread in Music Support giving examles of folder layout for the missing artist art and PM me with a link to your MyMusic72.db.

But of course @rmrector if you know how AB could be involved please jump in
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