Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2019-02-20, 07:47)rmrector Wrote: 1. There shouldn't be anything special about the "thumb" image. I can reproduce this behavior and I'll probably have a fix for the next version.

But maybe... ?
Due to my problem described above, I threw out all the artworks, really all of kodi, and did a complete refresh of artwork beef. Also deleted cache.
Complete ground up. Not bad for me, I saved everything locally

Went to the setting "Remove Artwork for media type" -> movies, was complete empty.

For fun, I scrolled around in kodi because I was curious how everything looks without any artwork. The posters on films were also empty.
But suddenly, thumbnails for the movies showed up (whether it's a Kodi fallback or skin fallback I do not know)
They are completely the same thumbnails as file thumbnails in File Explorer in the OS. (Windows Explorer)
In ArtworkBeef all was disabled, really all was set to off or 0!
I pushed the button  add missing artwork for all videos (new, old, and all in between)  
Actually, I expected that nothing should happen, but suddenly I saw that 200 files added.
Then i go to Remove artwork for media type -> movies there i saw "*"thumbs 200 (about 10% of my movie libarry)

I deleted it and have not returned since. But in some way, movie thumbs (from the file directly) also seem to be recognized, maybe it's reserved for that.

Do you know more about it?
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