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(2019-03-18, 05:47)rmrector Wrote: I cannot reproduce. I need more information to help you, see the bottom of the first post for details. Since you've all tied for giving me as little information as possible (and spent some effort complaining and downgrading and anything but reading the first post), let's have a little competition: Which of you can give me the MOST amount of information on your problem! And give the debug context item "AB: Log debug info" a try while debug logging is enabled.

Firstly: nice sarcasm :)

I'm sorry if I came across as whiny. I was just confirming what others posted with my experience.

Secondly: Here's the details that I hope you want.

The scanning was done on:
ArtworkBeef/0.23.2 Kodi/18.1 (X11; Linux x86_64) Ubuntu/18.04 App_Bitness/64 Version/18.1-Git:20190217-8cfdc89
(This information from the Artwork Report)

The clearlogo issue was first noticed on a scan after a library update. I have Artwork Beef scan for new files after a library scan.

I removed and then rescanned a movie that was one of the five I mentioned before. It has local poster, fanart and clearlogo. It has online poster and fanart, no clearlogo.

Kodi Log: dusubapuli.kodi (paste)

Movie Added Line 2126
Debug Check Line 2433

Artwork Report and settings.xml: amafulowil (paste)

Screenshot of folder:

Hope this helps!

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