Beta Artwork Beef - automatically add extended artwork
(2019-04-14, 15:43)manfeed Wrote: It works well, only glitch for me was when there was only one image available, in that case the same image kept repeating itself
I did it the same way first and I noticed that too - not very eyecandy!
I threw out all those "multiimage via fadelabel" codes and changed them to the "ArtworkHelper codes". The only downside is that ArtworkHelper is now a skin dependency. But it works just as fast and very good.
And it's working without the repeating effect and does not "flicker/pulsing/changing"

My multiimage Extrafanart:
My multiimage Characterart for Movies:

My multiimage Extraposter i use with the alternative &&amp chain cause that way i can exclude the main poster, i use only max 9 cause until this count i can run multiimage also in integer mode:
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