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(2016-06-28, 15:57)DanCooper Wrote:
(2016-06-28, 15:14)madmax2 Wrote:
(2016-06-28, 14:31)DanCooper Wrote: Yes. I've forgot to including season and episode informations/images scraping for the "Custom Scrape Button".

oic...was it one of those forgot to copy and paste code from this section to the new custom scrape button section? Big Grin

How are u finding the new custom scrape button feature?
I hope you like the feature I suggested..

Do u find it useful in your own scraping?

For me, I really like it cos it makes things so much more easier to scrape without needing to go through all those submenus.

I also like the youtube trailer source.
Before i would be missing more trailers, but now most of the trailers are scraped.
There might be a few incorrect trailers, but overall it is pretty good.

Is this new alpha version using multithreading scraping?

Copy-Paste is always a bad idea :-)

No, I don't really use the new custom button. But also I don't use any of the other auto-scraper :-) I scrape my movies and new tv shows manually and use the context menu entires in Explorer to update the database.

No, multithread scraping is not implemented and I'm not shure, if we add this at any time. IMO it don't make sens to scrape more than one item at the same moment. Most of all scraper API has limited API calls per minute, so it make more sense to scrape successively and move the download process to a multithread function.
But first of all we have to rewrite the whole scraper interface to reduze the API calls and optimise the scraping process.

Actually I have used this multi thread fetching in another scraping program called Media Center Master.
In order to enable it, you need to be a premium member. But I got a taste of it when the program let u access premium features for a limited time period.

The benefit is that it will speed up scraping all your movies etc..

If u can scrape 2 or 4 movies at a time.
You will end up finished scraping faster than 1 movie at a time.

Similar to why multi-threading / parallel processing is faster than single threading / processing.
And is also why SSDs are moving to the PCI-E instead of SATA connection.

I don't know how the author did it, but he implement it as a premium feature, despite the API calls limitation you said.

Either way, I have noticed that with the recent alpha release, scraping single movies have improve in speed compared to before.

I am still a die hard ember fan, MCM has many cool features but they are reserved for premium users only.
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