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(2017-04-17, 20:57)redglory Wrote:
(2017-04-09, 01:16)DanCooper Wrote:
(2017-04-09, 00:39)hatbrox Wrote: Hi,

Today I did my very first attempt at syncing Kodi from EMM.
I have an error but I think I know why and I'd like just to confirm it.
In EMM, I have 4 separate sources defined as follow:
Z:\TV Shows\French\
Z:\TV Shows\English\
O:\TV Shows\
P:\TV Shows\

In Kodi, it's different, I have defined 1 TV Shows source, with 4 media locations:
(each location goes to one of my TV show directory)
that single TV Show source is setup to use local media.

In EMM, I changed the poster of 1 TV show and tried to sync it.
it failed, with log file saying:
GetRemotePath: ""Z:\TV Shows\English\War and Peace\"" | Source not mapped!".

It seams that the different sources set up in EMM must exactly match the sources set up in Kodi. I can't have 1 source that points to multiple SMB paths.

Is that the reason?


I think the problem is that you not have mapped the source is KI Host settings:


Hi Dan,

I have the same problem with TV Shows.

This is my Kodi source mappings:

And what I'm getting on my logs:
2017-04-17 19:51:39.9143;EmberAPI.ModulesManager;EmberAPI.ModulesManager.RunGeneric;1;TRACE;[ModulesManager] [RunGeneric] [Start] <Sync_TVEpisode>;
2017-04-17 19:51:39.9143;EmberAPI.ModulesManager;EmberAPI.ModulesManager.RunGeneric;1;TRACE;[ModulesManager] [RunGeneric] Run generic module <Kodi>;
2017-04-17 19:51:40.8944;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_49_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;19;TRACE;[APIKodi] [htpc] IsScanningVideo: True;
2017-04-17 19:51:41.8994;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_49_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;19;TRACE;[APIKodi] [htpc] IsScanningVideo: True;
2017-04-17 19:51:42.9045;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_49_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;19;TRACE;[APIKodi] [htpc] IsScanningVideo: True;
2017-04-17 19:51:43.9096;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_49_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;19;TRACE;[APIKodi] [htpc] IsScanningVideo: True;
2017-04-17 19:51:44.9146;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_49_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;19;TRACE;[APIKodi] [htpc] IsScanningVideo: True;
2017-04-17 19:51:45.9197;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_49_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;19;TRACE;[APIKodi] [htpc] IsScanningVideo: True;
2017-04-17 19:51:46.9407;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_49_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;19;TRACE;[APIKodi] [htpc] IsScanningVideo: True;
2017-04-17 19:51:47.9608;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_49_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;19;TRACE;[APIKodi] [htpc] IsScanningVideo: True;
2017-04-17 19:51:48.9798;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_49_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;19;TRACE;[APIKodi] [htpc] IsScanningVideo: True;
2017-04-17 19:51:49.9999;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_49_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;19;TRACE;[APIKodi] [htpc] IsScanningVideo: True;
2017-04-17 19:51:51.0210;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_49_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;19;TRACE;[APIKodi] [htpc] IsScanningVideo: True;
2017-04-17 19:51:52.0400;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_49_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;19;TRACE;[APIKodi] [htpc] IsScanningVideo: True;
2017-04-17 19:51:53.0601;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_49_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;15;TRACE;[APIKodi] [htpc] IsScanningVideo: True;
2017-04-17 19:51:54.0801;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_49_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;19;TRACE;[APIKodi] [htpc] IsScanningVideo: True;
2017-04-17 19:51:55.1382;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_49_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;18;TRACE;[APIKodi] [htpc] IsScanningVideo: False;
2017-04-17 19:51:55.3142;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_31_SearchTVShow.MoveNext;19;WARN;"[APIKodi] [htpc] SearchTVShow: ""T:\Homeland"" | NOT found in host database!";
2017-04-17 19:51:55.3142;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_29_SearchTVEpisode.MoveNext;19;WARN;"[APIKodi] [htpc] SearchTVEpisode: ""T:\Homeland"" | TV Show NOT found in host database!";
2017-04-17 19:51:55.3142;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_35_UpdateInfo_TVEpisode.MoveNext;19;ERROR;"[APIKodi] [htpc] UpdateInfo_TVEpisode: ""Tin Man Is Down"" | NOT found on host! Abort!";
2017-04-17 19:51:55.3252;generic.Interface.Kodi.KodiInterface;generic.Interface.Kodi.KodiInterface+VB$StateMachine_74_GenericRunCallBack.MoveNext;1;WARN;[KodiInterface] [htpc] [GenericRunCallBack] | Sync Failed:  Tin Man Is Down;

Why is EMM trying to sync based on local drive instead of Kodi's source?

I suppose it tries to find local source in Kodi's video library and as it doesn't find it it throws NOT found on host! Abort!

I think it should use the correspondant nfs source (which is mapped on the kodi settings).

Another thing I can't understand is why is EMM trying to sync Movies nfs paths. I get this on the logs:
2017-04-17 20:01:53.5704;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_42_VideoLibrary_ScanPath.MoveNext;22;TRACE;"[APIKodi] [htpc] VideoLibrary_ScanPaths: ""nfs://"" | Start scanning process...";

And Kodi's log output:
19:50:36.232 T:184   DEBUG: CVideoDatabase::RunQuery took 121 ms for 0 items query: SELECT * FROM tvshow_view  WHERE ((tvshow_view.strPath LIKE 'nfs://'))
19:50:36.360 T:184   DEBUG: CWebServer[8080]: request received for /jsonrpc
19:50:36.367 T:2940   DEBUG: Previous line repeats 1 times.
19:50:36.367 T:2940   DEBUG: Thread JobWorker start, auto delete: true
19:50:36.384 T:2940   DEBUG: This query part contains a like, we will double backslash in the next field: ' AND idPath NOT IN (SELECT idPath FROM files WHERE strFileName LIKE 'video_ts.ifo') AND idPath NOT IN (SELECT idPath FROM files WHERE strFileName LIKE 'index.bdmv')
19:50:36.387 T:3452   DEBUG: CWebServer[8080]: request received for /jsonrpc
19:50:36.410 T:5788   DEBUG: Previous line repeats 1 times.
19:50:36.410 T:5788   DEBUG: ------ Window Init (DialogExtendedProgressBar.xml) ------
19:50:36.414 T:2940  NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Starting scan ..
19:50:36.414 T:1096   DEBUG: CAnnouncementManager - Announcement: OnScanStarted from xbmc
19:50:36.414 T:1096   DEBUG: GOT ANNOUNCEMENT, type: 16, from xbmc, message OnScanStarted
19:50:36.420 T:2940   DEBUG: SECTION:LoadDLL(special://xbmcbin/libnfs.dll)
19:50:36.438 T:2940   DEBUG: NFS: Context for not open - get a new context.
19:50:36.451 T:2940   DEBUG: NFS: Connected to server and export /movies
19:50:36.451 T:2940   DEBUG: NFS: chunks: r/w 32768/32768
19:50:36.453 T:2940 WARNING: VIDEO::CVideoInfoScanner::Process directory 'nfs://' does not exist - skipping scan.
19:50:36.453 T:2940  NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Finished scan. Scanning for video info took 00:00

Using latest Alpha v23.3


Looks like a bug in KI source mapping in Ember sources. The Ember sources (<localpath> in XML) should also have an \ or / a the end of the path. Please try to edit the .\Ember Media Manager\Profiles\NAME\Interface.Kodi.xml:

    <localpath>D:\Ember Test\Filme</localpath>
    <remotepath>D:\Ember Test\Filme\</remotepath>

    <localpath>D:\Ember Test\Filme\</localpath>
    <remotepath>D:\Ember Test\Filme\</remotepath>
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