Android HiMedia Q5/Q10 Pro (2016) with Kodi (4K / HDR / 3D / HD Audio)
(2016-03-25, 19:59)hdmkv Wrote:  
Hi hdmkv and all other experts,
sorry some questions, my purpose is to find a very good "tv player"
via HDMI that matches my requirements; very very unfortunately Shield Tv 2017 (fw 8.0.1) is unable to match them, therefore I plan to resend this box to Amazon.

1) I need that files 4K HDR can be downscaled to a old 1080 tv set.
Normal 4Ks
work fine with all players, but if the source is a file with HDR I become
audio only. Perhaps this is not possible.

2) There is a way to do "fast forward" and/or "frame-by-frame" in video,
connected via USB? [On Plex and Google Play in Shield TV I dont see these options].

3) There is a way to ZOOM photos in Gallery?
3bis) The photos in Gallery are organized via Date, I need them via File Names, as it happens on a normal PC  [On Shiled TV a file renamed by my 0001a, 0001b... iunfortunately is NOT displayed after 0001 and before 0002!]

4) Check for Updates: it seems blocked forever, but if I browse other options then I return to "Check",  all is ok. That maybe a bug.

5) Now the biggest problem:
all videos from my camera
playback without audio!
audio is ok on all other
devices, inclusive an...old Vista32 from 2007 and an Oppo from 2009!
I guess that the required codec is "pcm_s16be" into a MP4
(against the official specs) or - at least! - into the usual MKV.

Step 5) is surely the most important for me, i.e. no 5) = no buy.
No, I dont want to demux, re-code the audio, remux, check for async: no, that belongs to the past not the present days Wink

So, finally the question:
what box should I buy?

Thanks a lot for suggestions and Best Regards

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