Win Intel HTPCs/NUCs & Kodi-native 3D MVC Playback
Updated June 21, 2019:
  • @Krobar has shared a new 64-bit MVC build based on Kodi 18.7 (see below)
  • With @afedchin having seemingly left development of MVC, @Morpog stepped in, as of early 2019 (see discussion from this point), to offer new Kodi 18-based Windows 3D MVC builds. We know that Intel h/w with HDMI 1.4 will work, but @afedchin has mentioned that "pure HDMI 2.0 should work, [but that] DP->HDMI2.0 may not work".
Kodi Windows MVC Builds by @Krobar, @Morpog, and @afedchin

Download latest Kodi 18.7 (x64) build by @Krobar (test build)

Download latest Kodi 18 Windows (x86) MVC builds by @Morpog (multi-user verified)
(Kodi v18.2-RC1 MVC WIP)

Download last Kodi 17 (x86) build by @afedchin: 8-December-2017 Windows MVC build (multi-user verified)
(Kodi v17.6 MSDK MVC WIP)

Previous Kodi 17 builds here (search for "MVC")

Important Points about MVC Windows Builds from its Original Developer @afedchin:
  • As it stands, there is no possibility to merge MVC into mainline as MVC feature requires a patched build of ffmpeg, which unfortunately is not acceptable for mainline
  • Given above, Kodi MVC Windows will remain as a fork (similar to MrMC on Android/iOS)

Important Points about Compatible Hardware:
Overall 3D MVC Options, Formats, Tips and Titles: Please see this thread

Purpose of Thread:

This thread and spreadsheet linked above are (were) for compiling user-verified Intel hardware w/Intel Graphics working reliably, with issue-free playback of MVC 3D ISO's, preferably w/HD audio bitstreaming. By 'issues', we mean(t) avoiding include lip sync error, tearing, wobbly/wavy/shaky video, blurriness or other unwanted artifacts. Most of these artifacts are related to incompatible graphics drivers.

Above spreadsheet and this post do NOT cover AMD h/w as it's a software-only MVC solution, and there are more reports of failures than successes. Also, it doesn't focus on non-Intel graphics like nVidia. However, there's confirmation from @brazen1 that the later MVC builds do work well on systems w/nVidia GPU's. This file (libmfx32) must be downloaded and extracted to the installation folder (usually at C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\).

Steps to Take for MVC with your NUC/HTPC:
  • Use Windows 10. If you're continuing to have graphics driver issues even after trying below, see if Windows 8 (and driver for it) may resolve issues.
  • Use Intel's Driver Update Utility to scan your HTPC/NUC and download/install the latest suggested drivers, especially graphics, audio, LAN and BIOS. This utility seems to point to the most ideal drivers (in most cases, not all) vs. simply downloading latest from Intel's website or using Windows update. But, Intel's website or doing update via Device Manager may work better for some h/w (example).
    - Alternative driver app is Driver Booster. @sarcoptic has let us know "their database has quite a few new drivers over what Microsoft Update and Intel Update utilities could find."
  • Make the necessary Windows, Intel graphics and Kodi settings as shown below in the photo slideshow!
  • If you're installing another Kodi MVC build, uninstall the existing version first (but, you can leave your profile folder by not checking the box to delete it when prompted during uninstall).
  • [Optional] Use Launcher4Kodi to get that OpenELEC-like experience.

Necessary and Recommended Settings:

Tips & Other Considerations:
  • Blu-ray menus are not fully supported; may work with some titles. If you need full BD-Java menu support w/your HTPC, an external player solution is still necessary. See @brazen1's excellent guide here
  • Dolby Digital Plus is broken, it seems w/Kodi 17 builds in general. Workaround: Disable DD+ under passthrough so you'll at least get multichannel 5.1 out of 5.1/7.1 DD+
  • For uninstalling whichever Kodi Windows build you have in order to install the latest build, just
    1. Uninstall existing Kodi using its uninstaller (in Windows Settings > System > Apps & Features > Kodi)
    2. During uninstall, when you're prompted if you want to delete your profile folder, do this
    3. Install new build
    4. When you run new version of Kodi, your media files and settings should all be intact

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