menu washed out, 0-255 / 16-235 colour
i have an LG oled tv and its taken me a long time to get a picture I like but also to get the colour space setup correctly. What i am finding though is that when I start KODI the menu is washed out even though my desktop settings are set correctly. My black clipping is correct both playing and on youtube so there is a problem with KODI in that its showing the menu at the incorrect colour space.

Here is my setup.

pixel full RGB 4:4:4
ati card colour range 0-255
Kodi colour range correctly set a t 16-235

If I set KODI to 0-255 the movies are too dark and it destroys my black clipping, even if I bring the brightness up to compensate it added noise to the image as it obviously doing an extra colour space conversion it should not be doing.

Is there a hack where we can get the menu to darken so it not washed out, ideally we should have a colour space for both the menu and output.
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menu washed out, 0-255 / 16-235 colour - by stoolzo - 2016-04-05, 14:17

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