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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
Something isn't right with the latest release (#1011) when playing recorded shows or live TV via pvr.mythtv. The video starts and you will hear sound but the video is stuck on one frame and when I look at kodi.log I see the following loop over and over. Eventually the audio will restart but the video is still on the same frame and then the audio will cut out and the same error below loops. As always a debug log is below as well.

UPDATE: Just tried it on #1010 and it works as expected.

08:49:32  99.159462 T:1405092768   ERROR: CMMALPool::GetBuffer - failed pool:0x73c25ea0 omvb:(nil) mmal:(nil) timeout:500
08:49:32  99.159576 T:1405092768   ERROR: CDecoder::FFGetBuffer Failed to allocated buffer in time
08:49:32  99.160690 T:1405092768   ERROR: ffmpeg[53C003A0]: [mpeg2video] get_buffer() failed
08:49:32  99.160751 T:1405092768   ERROR: ffmpeg[53C003A0]: [mpeg2video] thread_get_buffer() failed
08:49:32  99.160797 T:1405092768   ERROR: ffmpeg[53C003A0]: [mpeg2video] get_buffer() failed (-1 (nil))
08:49:32  99.160858 T:1405092768   ERROR: Decode - avcodec_decode_video returned failure
08:49:32  99.160912 T:1405092768   DEBUG: CVideoPlayerVideo - video decoder returned error
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