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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
I've just seen something very strange with #1028 on my RPI B model.
When connected to my LG 3D capable TV downstairs it refuses to play last week's strictly , but plays the results show fine.

Disconnected, moved upstairs and connected to my DVI monitor, repeat the exact same sequence and it plays both files perfectly.

Seemed repeatable, so did it again with debugging on.

Basically Kodi continues to display the list of recordings with the play icon in the bottom left corner, but never switches to fullscreen playback.

Any ideas?

This happens only with OMX enabled. File played via UPNP also shows the problem.
On starting playback position 0:00 /23:29 (or similar) increments to 0:01, then back to 0:00 and starts counting from there. When using the DVI monitor, playback starts after the counter resets to 0.
If you go fullscreen (black screen shown) then bring up the overlay it shows omx,(h264) unknown. Remove the overlay change de-interlace from 'auto' (which it defaults to on each playback) to off, the file seeks for a short period and then playback resumes properly.
Doesn't happen with MMAL on, but the PI isn't man enough for advanced de-interlace with this file.
Partial debug log showing this sequence:
If file would be usefull l can post 1st couple of minutes via google drive. Let me know.
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