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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-11-14, 20:31)Sinisan Wrote:
(2016-11-14, 20:11)3DBuff Wrote: What type of freeze are you getting? Is is buffering, stopping for a bit? Is the system locking up with no go afterwords requiring reboot?
Short pauses and buffering is most likely from network / hard drive issue. 3D ISO is very data demanding. Any network glitch or NAS updating, rechecking database will cause this issue.

Hello 3DBuff,

Yes, it looks like it's buffering (please forgive me, I had should explain that). No reboot needed : it freezes for a few seconds, and then goes. If I go back, and then reply the scene, it will not freeze again at the same time, or yes, no rule.

You're probably right about the network / hard drive issue, but :
- My NAS is double-linked with two gigabytes category 6 network cables, and those links and the raspberry are linked thru a gigabyte managed switch. The two NAS ports are linked together using LACP (802.3ad) aggregation.
- I have no problem with other discs. Perhaps a specific thing : i'll check this iso.
- why Kodi doesn't display "Buffering" as it can does sometime ?
- how could I be sure ? can I build a specific log ?
- can I solve that ? Smile

First think is to make sure you are not on WiFi connection at the end to the RPi. When you do have a Lan cable going to the RPi then you could stick this wire into laptop and copy questionable ISO file to your local hard drive. Your connection should be 100Mb just like a RPi (make adjustment in the network card if you have 1Gb laptop card) and check your network speed. Win 10 will give you a nice graph. If your network is up to snuff than you should see around 10 Megabytes per second steady stream. Anything 5 MBps or less you have an issue.
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