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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 17.0)
Previous builds:
  • #0930, 30-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.7.6 kernel; add xorg-radeon.conf to enable dri3 and glamor on pre-GCN hardware)
  • #0929, 30-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (llvm: build shared library; remove home screen info mapping from remote.xml; drop PR10544)
  • #0928, 28-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (FernetMenta: VideoPlayer: notify gui on speed changes from PR10581; ffmpeg: update to ffmpeg-3.1.4-Krypton-Beta3)
  • #0927, 28-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0926, 26-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (xf86-video-nvidia-legacy: update to 340.98; various PVR add-on fixes)
  • #0925, 25-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0924, 24-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.7.5 kernel; ffmpeg-3.1.3-Krypton-Beta3-2; revert PVR database fix due to crashing)
  • #0923, 24-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (PR:760: rework cmake build system and adjust build variables (clean build); PR:10544: [pvr] attempt to fix crashing and general failure in ChannelExists())
  • #0922, 22-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (More libnfs updates; switch to basic kodi database update notification; peripheral.joystick udpated with linux as default provider)
  • #0921, 22-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (libnfs updates (mostly WIN32 related))
  • #0920, 20-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (VideoPlayer exceptional keyframe fix; libnfs updates)
  • #0919, 19-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Move LibreELEC Settings addon button to Settings; linux: extra options for Baytrail and 32-bit EFI)
  • #0918, 18-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0917, 17-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Start of Kodi 17.0 beta3 cycle)
  • #0916, 16-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Drop mesa 12.1.0-devel; drop libdrm 2d00869; drop xf86-video-amdgpu 6a1ba04)
  • #0915b, 15-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.7.4 kernel; AE: fix mem leak in tempo filter; latest mesa 12.1.0-devel, libdrm)
  • #0914, 14-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Skin migration and addon compatibility checking)
  • #0913, 13-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Updated x86 firmware blobs (amdgpu, i915, radeon))
  • #0912, 13-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (PR:10459: AE: CActiveAEResampleFFMPEG check for resampling being active before calling swr_set_compensation)
  • #0911, 11-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Minors)
  • #0910, 10-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (cmake change)
  • #0909, 10-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (CMake fixes; Estuary skin fixes; xf86-video-amdgpu: bump package instead of using patches)
  • #0908, 09-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (More cmake fixes; couple of AE fixes; xf86-video-amdgpu: Bump to head, update with RX460 and other hardware support)
  • #0907, 07-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (New 4.7.3 kernel; drop freetype package bump - fixes Chromium)
  • #0906, 06-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Various Kodi cmake changes; VideoPlayer fixes)
  • #0905, 06-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Fix stuttering playback in previous build (updated PR10400); enable lspcon support for GEN9 devices)
  • #0904, 04-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (ffmpeg: fix for pixellated thumbnails; restore old CEC settings filename; llvm and various package updates (clean build); fix broken VAAPI hardware acceleration (and deinterlace modes); include mesa patch to fix memory leak)
  • #0903, 03-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Fix seeking about OOM fixes; drop udev from peripheral.joystick; fix for netradio crashes (PR10387); restore Chris Wilson patch)
  • #0902, 02-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post (Temporarily dropped Chris Wilson 8bpc patch)
  • #0901, 01-Sep-2016: Generic -- Release post ([cmake] fix sse detection)
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