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v17 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 17.0)
(2016-05-17, 04:51)Milhouse Wrote:
(2016-05-17, 02:33)ragnaroek Wrote: No, #508 was the first and #515 was next I tested.

I did some bisection today, the only working builds without 100% CPU usage are #0330 and #0331(with Kodi Alpha1 - 5b9b4b5), all other show the same behaviour.

I'm sure my issue is not Libreelec related, the issue is Kodi related.

Was there a major change in Kodi after the 5b9b4b5 commit ? I think that was the point when " Vertical blank sync " disappeared.

I did a local test build today, with the 5b9b4b5 commit, this is running without the 100% CPU issue on my mentioned living room box.

Best regards

You're saying the problem starts with #0401?

These are the Kodi changes in #0401:

As you can see, not many and certainly nothing that stands out.

These were the FernetMenta commits in #0401:

All but 18698e3 were present in #0331.

The LibreELEC changes don't appear significant either:

Did you manage to test a recent build with a "clean" .kodi, ie. with only stock addons?


I did some research with clean LibreElec builds, only the stock addons enabled,

the builds #0330 to #0403 are absolutely fine, no problems with my 100% CPU issue,

with #0405, I'm getting a kernel panic,

with #0406 to #0519, I have the 100% CPU issue, but only on systems with a Nvidia GPU,

no issues with the builds, on systems with a Intel IGPU, expect #0405.

Right with " DEBUG: ------ Window Init (VideoFullScreen.xml) ------ " one CPU core is fully locked at 100%,

on Nvidia systems, init a other window like DEBUG: ------ Window Init (MyVideoNav.xml) ------, immediately

drops the CPU usage to ~10% - 12%.

Was there a major change in Kodi, between f6264876 and ce28cb6, that could cause this?

I can reproduce this on all Kodi 17 installations, Arch, Suse, Ubuntu ..., from ce28cb6 on,

VideoFullScreen is causing my issue on Nvidia system, and no problems with Intel system.

I also cross checked this two of my mates, with the same result.

Or maybe I'm absolutely stupid and doing something wrong.

I found a posting on a German Kodi forum, that chap

is also digging in that issue.

Best regards
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