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Bug: Win32 Kodi 17 A2 0523 (Win 7)

I have several albums with FLAC tags for CONDUCTOR. These are scanned into the library, and looking at "artist" table the conductor is added as an artist. The "song_artist" table has the conductor added as idRole 4 and strArtist is correct in the table. Viewing the music library in Estuary, navigating to roles -> conductors and the view is empty. (musicdb://artists/?role=Conductor).

This is the query:

16:23:40 T:10112   DEBUG: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory (library://music/musicroles/Conductors.xml/)
16:23:40 T:10112   DEBUG:   ParentPath = [library://music/musicroles/]
16:23:40 T:10784   DEBUG: CMusicDatabase::GetArtistsByWhere query: SELECT artistview.* FROM artistview  WHERE (artistview.idArtist IN (SELECT album_artist.idArtist FROM album_artist ) AND artistview.idArtist IN (SELECT song_artist.idArtist FROM song_artist WHERE song_artist.idRole = 4)) and artistview.strArtist != ''
16:23:40 T:10784   DEBUG: Time to retrieve artists from dataset = 2
16:23:40 T:10112   DEBUG: Custom album format = [%B]
16:23:40 T:10112   DEBUG: Previous line repeats 1 times.

I don't understand why the dependency on album_artist.idArtist? None of the conductors are album artists.

scott s.
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