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(2016-05-31, 09:28)DaveBlake Wrote: Save your efforts artist genre is not going to help!!! The scraped genre field in the artist table is only ever used for display, never filtering. Kodi implicitly uses song genre even in artists playlists, a rule of genre=classical will find those artists with songs that have the genre "classical".

Assuming that you have tagged songs with a genre of classical then the following folder type node will show just those composers regardless of the system settings for displaying all song artist.
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<node order="13" type="folder" visible="Library.HasContent(Role, Composer)">
    <label>Classical Composers All</label>

Tempting to make that a standard node... then again not every user has classical music. Equally that approach could get hip-hop DJ Mixers, Jazz Lyricists or Funk Guitarists etc. (if the music files are tagged with that data).

That will make it quite a bit easier. I was getting ready to hand-edit my node xmls. IMHO the Kodi wiki doesn't really help much in understanding exactly how the node code works (for example, doesn't explain "filter" vs "folder"). And your example is using "folder". Why is that? could you do the same with "filter" and then create rules?

scott s.
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