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1) I have a large amount of compilation albums. Disabling "including artist on complilations" would not make sense for me (unless I'm misunderstanding). For instance, I have Motown collections with 40+ Four Tops songs. I don't have a single album of Four Tops music however. I want to be able to see "Four Tops" under artists. This is the case for many artists that are apart of compilations (60s/70s/80s) that I don't have single albums for.

2) Organizing by Music/Artist/Album etc. is also undesirable due to the amount of artists and the difficulty of just scanning through the drive to see what albums are there. The only local info I use is the folder.jpg for the album covers. I am reliant on Kodi to supply artist information, but it doesn't pull many. I suppose I need to do something different. Should I be adding artist tags with mbz on each single title (that also isn't part of an album)? I'm also unclear whether I need to something additional? How does this work with compilations? Am I getting all the artists' info somehow?

3) I am not opposed to doing additional scanning with Picard (but to elaborate more on the above answered by DaveBlake), when I have a greatest hits or best of album I don't care when that disc came out, for instance The Essential Bob Dylan is from 2010, but I put the individual years from the songs in the tags. I can then search for songs from 1965 and they will come up, correct? Can I use Picard or will it overwrite my song years on all these albums?

4) What is the correct separator? Is it still "/"? So..for instance with an album of duets...ala BB King's Deuce's Wild record. Do I keep BB King as the albumartist and then per song in the artist I have BB King / Van Morrisson, BB King / The Rolling Stones, etc. etc.?

5) What is going on with the Eric Clapton box set for instance? I currently have Eric Clapton as albumartist and then the artist tag varies from Cream to Derek & The Dominoes to John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, etc. Is this correct?

6) I don't need or want "feat." anywhere. If the artist is featured then I would prefer using the separator and having the artist show up as a separate artist, ex Dolly Parton / Kenny Rogers and not Dolly Parton feat. Kenny Rogers.

7) What about three or more artists? Can I still use separators? ex. Hank Mobley / Al Cohn / John Coltrane / Zoot Sims for the 1956 album Tenor Conclave? Can I use separators on albumartist like Daryl Hall / John Oates instead of Hall and Oates? I'd want the singles and Hall and Oates songs to be under the same artist, i.e. Daryl Hall solo songs listed with Hall and Oates tracks he was a part of.

I'm sure there are more questions but this is all I can think of at the moment
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